Nanyang Insider Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Luohe Vanpet Industry Co. ltd was set up in 2007 ,which utilizes wood loofah ,coconuts twig ,straw ropes and etc as the material to process series of small animals, products . Were a professional manufacturer and supplier of small animals” products in china and our products are popular with rabbit hamster, chinchilla Guinea pig, Hedgehog Squirrel, Lizard and other rodents animals the series of the small animals, products have the below :1the series of grass and grass woven products ) 2(the series of wood products 3(the series of loofah sponge products 4(the series of Calcium block 5( the series of cloth huts;6the series of feeding syringe) drinking devices we have the international audit certificate if FSC;SEDEXISO9001. 80& of our products are exported to more than 80 countries regions& mainly including U.S.AU.K, Germany Japan, Australia Spain, U.A.E and e.t.c .br