Henan Gems Trading Co., Ltd.

Xinxiang Hongye Edu.Instrument Co. Ltd. located in Xinxiang city which have good transport facilities for quick delivery of goods. The company mainly manufacture and trade microscope prepared slides ,Histology Embryology, pathology prepared slides medical educational model; We services various medical undergraduate colleges research institutions . Professional domestic sales and grasp the latest trend of the domestic market, our products into education platform services schools, educational services through competitive bidding and dealers a variety of trading ways channels. Professional foreign trade team versed in each link of international trade. We exports to the United States U.K, the Netherlands Australia, the United Arab Emirates India, Brazil Iran and other countries,worldwide. High product quality and perfect details shown by our product leaves our brand Maple Edu Gains full recognition by the mass customers around the world..brProduction and sales of the best products” provide the best services to create a win-win marketing experience, is the eternal goal of our company . “br>brWe have our 40-50 years old experienced technicians>our 30-40 years old trading service team and our 20-30 years old manufacturer and office lady .