Nasen Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

About UsbrbrCustomer oriented product>br>brTo have technology creation at high level> we focus on providing the design and technical support for the high efficiency and energy saving product. Our products are low ambient air source heat pump screw low ambient air source heat pump, rooftop packaged unit centrifugal water cooled heat pump, screw water source heat pump modular geothermal heat pump, air source heat pump low temp. sludge dryer heat pump high temp. dryer, constant temperature and humidity series purification series, air handling unit fan coil unit etc. ,br>brOur fresh air rooftop packaged unit> low temp. air source heat recovery unit high efficiency falling film waste water heat pump, dual cooling source unit with humidity and temperature separately controlled clean room air handling unit, unitary constant temperature and humidity unit 4 pipes air source total heat recovery unit, ice storage low temp. screw unit all are widely applied in the industries with high level requirements of ambient temperature and humidity. ,br>brQuality oriented facility and system>br>brTo invest production facility at high level and to have production workmanship at high level. Nasen> with land coverage of 500 acres modern workshops of 160, 000.0 m2 is equipped with advanced production facility, national level enthalpy laboratory ground source heat pump , water cooled water chiller laboratory and duct and damper air leakage test laboratory. ,br>brWe have certificates of ISO9001 quality management system> ISO14001 environment management system ISO45001 health and safety management system, national production license of industrial product China compulsory certification ,CCC) CRAA CCCF, RoHS CE etc. our laboratories certified by CNAS. ,br>brFuture oriented strategy>brTo care for the harmonious development of human being and the earth> and to create a better life for the human being we research and create continuously on the energy saving and environment friendly technology.