Xiamen Ollital Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Ollital Technology Co. Ltd. is one specialized is engaged in the laboratory instruments and equipment research and development, production and sales enterprises. The company is committed to provide users with advanced technology reliable quality of laboratory equipment to meet the pursuit of the user. The company has research and development team composed of domestic talents, more perfect management system and the global sales and service network.br< Companies pay attention to the development and application of high and new technology with technology as the forerunner, with the attitude of the professional enterprises to provide product. Company attaches great importance to product quality and technological level in the process of development each a product to go through our careful testing and debugging maintenance of professional and technical personnel, all performance standards before sending to the customer. Company technical force is abundant electronics, refrigeration design, manufacture various talented person invite experts in the field of domestic engaged in refrigeration and ultrasonic equipment, a longtime technology consultant at the same time introduced a number of advanced detection equipment, to ensure the reliability of the product quality. Currently has photochemical reaction instrument spray drier, vacuum freeze drying machine constant temperature table, shake the bottle machine magnetic stirrer series, fast tissue crushing machine series ultrasonic cell crusher series, the series of sterile homogenizer oscillator, low temperature thermostat series ultrasonic cleaning machine series, the series of incubator medical products such as laboratory instruments and equipment.br< Companies adhering to the quality first good faith for the purport, committed to innovation customer first, dedicated to customer service business philosophy. With our sincere enthusiasm and positive attitude to serve the broad masses of customers.