Hebei Gn Solids Control Co., Ltd.

Hebei GN Solids Control Co. Ltd. ,formerly known as Tangshan Guanneng Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd., is one of the leading manufacturers in China specialized in the designing manufacturing, and sales of mud solids control equipment mud system, waste management equipment and oil sludge treatment equipment and system. As well the widely used parts shaker screen.brbr000sqm;br-GN is the only one solids control manufacturers who has specialized facility for making qualified composite frame shaker screen as per API RP 13C with full series API No..>br-GN is one of the very few China companies who provide Vertical Cuttings Dyer > Hi G Dryer;br>brOur products are commonly used in petroleum oil and gas exploration> trenchless construction coal bed gas development, geothermal projects geotechnical engineering, mining metallurgy, coal hydroelectric power, environmental protection as well as other applications.br Gas Drilling mud solids control: waste management oil sludge treatment,br-HDD > CBM TBM Drilling& mud recycling system large capacity dewatering centrifuge, chemical dosing unitbr<-Mining Industrial& slurry separation plant tail sludge dewatering,br-Environment Protection> waste water centrifuge waste sludge treatment, dredging slurry separationbr Shale Shaker Mud Cleaners, Desanders Desilters, Decanter Centrifuges Cutting Dryers, Drying Shaker Agitators, Mixing Hoppers Flare Igniters, Various Tanks Degassers, Centrifugal Pump Vacuum Pump, Screw Pump Screw Conveyor, etc.br