Wuxi Zhanghua Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Zhanghua Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. was founded in 1976, with a history of 30 years. We are a professional company of drying equipment for fine chemical engineering and pharmaceutical industries. We have cooperated with Medical Industry Institute of Shanghai for many years. Currently there are five engineers and ten technicians in our company. br with low consume from 2lh-100lh since 1982 which are designed by Medical Industry Institute of Shanghai,br2 in 1″ equipment” since 2000 which are designed by our company, with main specifications of DN400 DN1000, DN1200 DN1400, DN1600 DN1800, DN 2000 DN2400, DN 2800 and DN3000;br2cbm slot vacuum drying machines> since 2000 which are designed by our company,brbrbrCurrently our company manufactures concentrated bottles> Chinese herbal medicine with distill device alcohol precipitating bottles, reactors spiral plank type heating exchangers, row tube type heating exchangers alcohol recovering towers, seed bottles ferment bottles and other non-standard equipment.,br>brWe can also accept various diagrams or special designs for non-standard equipment. Our company is consistent to insist on >quantity first” prestige highest according to ISO9001 quality system management strictly. We conduct with quality principle and modern management, offering reasonable price and perfect service.br