Henan Success Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Henan Phefon Cold Chain Equipment Co.Ltd., located in National Xinxiang( Chemical Physical power industry zone&covers about 266400 m2 land. There are injection molding equipment,blister molding extrusion molding and ancillary production workshops,which set up according to the standardized production of medical equipmentbuilt a full climate simulation laboratory according to WHO standard,with strong research and development in production capacityit can meet the full requirements of different customers.,brWe are cooperate to establish research and production base with Xi>an Jiaotong UniversityZhengzhou University of Light Industry and Zhengzhou University, to commit the advanced cold chain technology studyapplication and practice,to provide cold chain service and protection programs in the fields of drugsfoods and life science.,brOur products are cold boxes and vaccine carrier>icewater-packscoolant bags used in food cold chain logistic,medical cold chain transportation and the package of biological productsfocus on the security of food and vaccine,medicine during each shipment./brWe have a lot of optimization design on the product>reduce customers management and operating costs”can meet large quantities of medicinefood cold chain transport,transfer systemsbased on the experience and technology R;Dwe come out the A grade protection in Free-freeze cold boxes and vaccine carriers,and the phrase change material in medical appliance. Different insulation material have different performances into the environmental temperature control capability of medical transportation equipment.We also have reached the advanced monitoring systemlocation tracking equipment and completed sales services.,brOur Production capacity> 300000pcs,year for cooler/ and 5000,000pcsyear for ice packwater pack.br to win in the owner responsibility.br