Henan Dalaimei Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

Henan Haixin Toiletries Co. Ltd are the leading manufacturer of makeup brushes and animal hair products in China since 1998.At the initial stage,we mainly produce all kinds of combed animal hair and antibacterial synthetic fiberwhich takes 60, market share in China.From 2011we establish the new factory and a whole set of manufacturing facilities.As a specialized makeup brushes manufacturer,we produce 100000pcs of brush every month,including brushes setsingle brush of all purposes&to private label cosmetic brands.With a broad selection of brush components in stockwe can accommodate to even the smallest custom needs.All our makeup brushes are fully customizable in styles,materialsfunctions to help you meet the diverse market needs. &brWe believe in technology innovation and good manufacturing practice as the core value of our company.We have two research centers>one for the raw materialand the other for the makeup brushes.In the year of 2013,we passed the management certificationand a lot of our products passed the authority certifications.We took part in the national standard of combed animal hair for cosmetic brushes in 2013.,brIn our company>we care about the beauty toolsand most importantly,we care about beauty experience.Thats why our makeup brushes are designed with styles”qualityfunction.We don&t see ourselves merely as a manufacturerbut a partner that grows with our client.So we study side by side with you to come up with custom brushes that are beautiful,br