Changzhou Shinma Drying Engineering Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Shinma Drying Engineering Co.LTD, a factory has over 20 years history’ locates in Changzhou city of Jiangsu which is in the middle of Shanghai-Nanjing Express way. Our company has 2 large modern construction machinery manufacturing plant, equipped with whole line of sheet metal bending laser cutting, automatic polishing automatic welding, occupies an area of 500000 square meters. Also we have our own R,D team which has a number of talents and individual test lab.,brWe are specializing in researching and developing drying machine> such as spray dryer mesh belt dryer, fluid bed dryer flash dryer, air stream dryer vacuum dryer, plate dryer and so on. As auxiliary machines of drying machine we also supply mixer, granulator grinder and screener, roller compactor air flow mixing system and air flow conveyor. With rich experience, we keep leading in design and manufacturing Chinese herbal extract spray dryer flavouring spray dryer, hydrolyzed protein spray dryer desiccated coconut drying machine, coconut meat mesh belt dryer pharmaceutical spray dryer, vegetable and fruit dehydrator mesh belt dryer( bread crumb fluid bed dryer, enzyme spray dryer chicken powder production line, seaweeds drying processing line gelatin production, WDG production line and so we have absorbed a wide range of latest technology in drying technologies. We always insist on win-win cooperation and we are deeply trust in ,One for all” all for one!