Henan Richwoll CYF Technology Co., Ltd.

Henan Meibon Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd. belongs to Henan Xinguoxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. the company has Guoxin, Xinguoxin Meibon and other brands.,brThe company is a professional drying equipment research and development and manufacturing enterprises> product constantly updated development at present has formed belt drying equipment, box-type drying microwave drying, sterilization equipment freeze-drying equipment and rotary cylinder dryer and other five series hundreds of products, widely used in traditional Chinese medicinal materials grain, fruit and vegetable meat, seafood industrial products, chemical products such as dry processing.br agricultural and sideline product processing plants chemical plants, coal mines rural planting cooperatives tailored to the pepper dryer, chrysanthemum dryer yam dryer, sunflower sunflower dryer forsythiae dryer, hawthorn dryer garlic dryer, coal slime dryer sludge dryer, fly ash drying…br