Shandong 72 Degree Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shandong 72 degree refrigeration equipment Co. Ltd. is located in Laicheng District, Jinan City Shandong province. Our company is a factory specializing in manufacturing and sales all kinds of refrigeration equipment such as parallel unit evaporative condenser, closed-circuit cooling tower air cooler evaporator and quick-frozen equipment. Our company has R , D department technology department, production department sales department, after-sales service department and other complete management system which all departments together can provide perfect professional services for every customer.,brOur company has a complete set of parallel units> evaporative condenser closed-circuit cooling tower and air cooler evaporator production line. Automatic fin processing equipment, expansion equipment numerical control plate cutting equipment, numerical control bending equipment numerical control punch, bend equipment and other production and inspection devices. The main products are screw type parallel unit piston type parallel unit, air-cooled condensing unit water chiller, evaporative condenser closed cooling tower, air cooler quick freezing equipment, pre-processing equipment for quick freezing of fruits and vegetables complete set of ice making equipment,