Henan Zhonglian Thermal Industrial Energy Conservation Co., Ltd.

Henan Zhonglian Thermal Industrial Energy Conservation Co. Ltd.,br is a high-tech company setting scientific research> production sales and service as a whole. Registered capital of the company is 26 million RMB, with more than 60 employees. Its headquarters located in Zhengzhou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone whereas it has also set up the Zhengzhou Drying technology Research Center in Zhengzhou University and Henan Industry university.,brZLRK developed products including heat pump drying machine series> microwave drying system and hot air drying machine series sorting machines, conveyoring machines washing, peeling cutting, pitting packing machines etc. Machines are applicable in foods, chemicals pharmaceuticals and others for drying, heating sterilizing, chemical reaction etc, achieving automatic continuous production environment friendly, time and manpower saving clean energy, etc.br