Zhengzhou Prodigy Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

Multiple bus equipment Zhengzhou founded in March 1998, is a professional technology-based automotive equipment welding fixtures, wire body conveying equipment rolling equipment and a variety of related non-standard automation equipment development, design manufacturing and service business.,br>br Founded early> along with the vigorous development of Yutong Bus and growing well-designed for the non-standard equipment Yutong Bus, Yutong meet rising productivity demands praise Yutong up and down, but also for the equipment to become China pluralism bus equipment first brand laid a solid foundation. Division I after years of development accumulation, staff culture techniques developed in recent years in the passenger car business rapidly. Company employees 150 people, including long engaged in the professional and technical staff of 38 people senior engineer 5( senior technician five people, technicians 4 and the rest all types, senior technicians 52 people professional service personnel 4 people. The company,s existing light pen coordinate measuring instrument Norway imports( a portable CMM, CNC gantry milling boring, powerful milling machine turret milling machines, machining centers wire cutting, CNC flame cutting machine shot blasting machine, various welding and other processing equipment More than 100 units. The company now occupies more than 30000 square meters, of which construction area of over 10000 square meters, more than 2000 yuan in fixed assets.,br>br Since its inception> it has maintained with the fourth and Design Institute of Zhengzhou Institute of Mechanical machinery a close partnership and maintain close ties with a number of domestic automobile manufacturers, and keep abreast of the latest development trend of Chinas leading automobile equipment.”br>brLooking to the future> Zhengzhou Multiple Bus Equipment Co. Ltd. is a pioneer spirit, absorbing absorbing the advanced experience at home and abroad, for the development of Chinas automotive equipment business and work hard”