Zhengzhou Anxin Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Huitong Printing Co. Ltd. has now developed into a printing enterprise with excellent products, efficient production and good reputation after more than twenty years of experience in the field. The company is comprised of the printing division and the chemical division. ,brThe printing division has a complete set of licenses from Chinese government> involving the publication printing license with a series of offset presses such as Komori 50, RYOBI 36, Heidelberg 29, 20& Changsheng Double Side 40, etc. We are committed to publication printing services catalogue printing services, real estate-based industry integrated printing services special printing services and the production of paper packaging products for various industries. We have undertaken many large-scale government procurement printing projects as well as real estate development projects integrated printing services from such as Evergrande Real Estate, Country Garden Property Developments Taihu Real Estate, Zhengsai Real Estate and many others. We have successfully performed business aspects such as digital and informatization, cloud storage management of printing data and order data with precision and punctuality at the same time carefully protecting our customers privacy.”brThe chemical division is guided by research and is dedicated to the engineering of chemical production lines for chemical-associated printing processes. We have finished the research process and put many products such as alcohol-free retouching liquid> thermal development fluid and low volatile abluents into production in an industrial scale.