Huzhou Zhenxi Hengda Grinding Material Factory

Huzhou Zhenxi Hengda Grinding Material Factory is located in Huzhou City Zhejiang Province, China. Especially metal parts( stamping parts die-casting, auto parts injection molded parts, casting surface finishing and surface treatment of various anti-corrosion products) the company has been committed to the production of various types of decorative machinery Treatment research, development and application. Absorbing the international advanced surface-decorated clean, strengthen anti-corrosion and other advanced technology the implementation of international business strategy. And with domestic and foreign counterparts for technical exchanges and cooperation, complementarity combined with the different needs of users, and strive to explore the development and production of the grinding machine washing machine, polishing equipment various types of surface treatment equipment and supporting grinding blocks, grinding stone and various types of polishing medium The best-selling products at home and abroad. The factory has accumulated rich experience in processing and technology, the formation of a new technological advantages the factory can also be based on the user,s product needs design and production of the corresponding non-standard equipment. Welcome to our customers advice, samples and negotiations.