Skvyrskyi Grain Processing Factory Ltd.

Skvyrskyi grain processing factory Ltd. is one of the largest producers in Europe of high-quality dietary flour and cereals for baby food conventional; BIO and Gluten-Free grits flours, flakes. For production of flour cereals and flakes we use natural, free from genetic modification buckwheat: oat wheat, corn millet, rye barley grains, grown on fields without application of pesticides or any other chemicals under our thorough control during all vegetation period.brmilkmilk-free mixtures creams, etc. for such worldwide brands as Danone) Nestle Heinz, Hipp Droga Kolinska, HeroCerealto and many other Ukrainian companies.,brProducts range> buckwheat groats flour, flakes oat groats; flour flakes, corn grits flour, flakes millet grits; flakes wheat groats; flakes barley groats; flakes rye flakes.;brWe also have the opportunity of packing our products under the trademark Skvira and the Private Label> taking into account the requirements to the package form the film density, sticker and design trademark on the