Henan Sunrise Machinery Co., Limited

Henan Sunrise Machinery Co. Limited is one the major supplier for food processing machinery from China, our main products are:br1> Nut processing machine cocoa bean processing machine: peanut processing machine cashew nut processing machine, hazelnut almond processing machine.br<2 powder grinding machine) multi food grinding machine super find powder grinding machine, powder mixing machinebr<3 packaging machine) liquid powder granulate filling capping labeling machine liquid powder granulate packaging machine in pouch, weighing filling sealing machine in 5 kg 15 kg 25 kg bagbr<4 fruit vegetable processing machine) fruit vegetable washing machine drying machine, cutting machine jacket cooking machine, juice making machine sterilizing machine.,br5> oil press machine hydraulic oil press machine: screw oil press machine oil filter and oil refinery.,br6> milk processing line milk cooling tank: preheating tank filter, pasteurizing machine yogurt making machine.,brWith a high sense of quality and responsibility> our products have been sold to more than 40 countries this year with very good reputation.br