Shanghai Juqing Metal Product Co., Ltd.

Anyang Yingpai Dental Material ever been named Linzhou Chengjiao Dental Material Co.,ltd which set up in 1998. It is located in Shangguan Town, Hua County Anyang city, Henan province China.,br>brIn accordance with the thousand of rusic folkway of central plains. Honest> specialization and high-grade ae our operation object. We specialize in the production and development of the synthetic resin teeth with the precise and keep-high quality good reputation, best service. We have make a long time business relations with the customers from the Europe market Asia market, USA market Africa market and latin America market.,br>brThe manufacturing and R>D of the production.brCAM and vacuum-filling manufacturing process/ we make our product to reachthe internation advanced level on the shape wear-resistance and the shade. Our products are famous for the vivid shape, compact tissue perfect articulation, strong chew and the clear pronunciation.