Jinan Shengrun Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jinan Shengrun company is a leading manufacturer of high quality twin screw Food Extruders for food industries. We have almost ten years experience of working with our customers providing specialist designs and practical solutions for a wide range of process needs. The latest Computer Aided Design ‘CADUG, technology is used by our experienced design team. We have been supplying the most efficient equipment available to snacks food manufactures around the world. A comprehensive range from mixers to extruders dryers, flavors offers various tastes and easy to operate designs which lead the industry.brbrShengrun Company engages in the technical research of extrusion foodstuff> in order to let our clients have superior foodstuffs to sell in the market. We can improve clients equipment and provide related training on new advanced technique. We can also make special designs for special products and materials according to clients’ special requirements. brbrJinan Shengrun Machinery Co.>Ltd