Zhucheng City Dingsheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhucheng Dingsheng Machinery Co.Ltd is a leading provider of food machine .Professional manufacture of various sterilization kettle jacket pot ,vacuum packing machine vegetable washing machine etc. The company is enterprise accross the certification of the national pressure vessel authority and has the autonomy of import and export ,Products are found everywhere in China and exproted to CanadaNorth Africa,BurmaAlgeria and other countries.,br>br>br The company always adhere the policy of >make the honesty as foundation”quality as the root Hired a domestic industry in the years of senior experts involved in product research and development . Through the optimization of the solutions, professional advice constantly innovate products and first class service to help and support our users to achieve thire goals .,br The company focused on the future> and constantly create new energy saving environmental protection, low carbon solutions to help our customers win the challenges of the future at the same time also believe that we will be full of enthusiasm service to users, pay attention to your needs and exceed your expectations with our efforts to success of your career.