China Tianjin Recare Co., Ltd.

China Tianjin Recare Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the condom manufacturing industry and distribution in China. Condoms supplied by Recare are highly regarded for durability and reliability in the world wide government tenders, commercial markets and non-commercial markets. Our mission is to produce and sell the highest quality condoms and pregnancy tests for humans.Recare knows only high quality condoms provide reliable protection. In order to fulfill the highest quality, we have equipped our factories with a team of experienced and qualified process engineers and technologists, to continuously improve on machinery, manufacturing processes. We have been assessed and certified to the requirement of ISO9001, ISO13485 and Directive 93/42/EEC..All production processes are monitored permanently and data are regularly collected and evaluated. A certain number of condoms from each batch are selected to undergo further tests. Condoms from each batch are “archived”. With the help of the batch number, it is possible to determine the time of manufacture, the machines responsible, and the materials used for each individual condom.So we promise HIGH QUALITY, PERFECT SERVICE, PROMPT DELIVERY TIME, COMPETITIVE PRICE.