Shenzhen Shaki Industry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Shaki Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1995. Since its establishment, Shaki has held legal licences granted by the Chinese National Medical Supervisory Bureau to manufacture, register and distribute sex toys, adult novelty items, and sexual health medical devices, making us one of the first factories in China to attain such prestige.Shaki is a leader in the sex toys industry both within China and around the world. We own 30% of the production of sex toys globally, with the greatest potential for growth in the sex toys manufacturing industry in China. We were interviewed by several media agencies, including The Guardian (UK), Sky Television (UK) and The Independent (UK).Working as a team, Shaki now owns advanced manufacturing techniques and production lines that are in line with international standards. The company has gained comprehensive knowledge in market operations, a mature business outlook, and an outstanding management and corporate culture. Shaki has opened a new chapter in the sex toys industry in China. The Shaki brand now also enjoys recognition in the international market, upholding an important reputation established over the years.As the market becomes more competitive, the team at Shaki has increased efforts to develop new products to meet new demands. Departments within the company structure puts the company in an optimum position in the fiercely competitive market.Over the last 18 years, Shaki has constantly collected market information and client feedbacks to improve existing products and develop new products. Our product range has grown from seven products originally to more than 2000 products now. These include products for men, women, and couples, and for special interests such as BDSM. Being a trusted brand for sex toys, Shaki has accumulated rich experiences in product design and manufacturing, well above the others in the same industry. Our extensive product range marks Shaki as the most ideal supplier for large-scale buyers and individual customers alike.Increasingly, people are becoming more open to the ideas of pleasure and sexual wellbeing. Shaki is confident to continue exploring, developing and producing better products to meet the demands of all customers. Shaki Sex Toys aims to bring erotic pleasure to every corner of the world.