Nanchang Kindly Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2006 as a subsidiary of Kindly(KDL) Group, Nanchang Kindly(KDL) Medical Technology Co.,Ltd was initially formed as one of the manufacturing bases of Kindly(KDL) Group syringe product line. With the rapid business growth over a decade years, Nanchang KDL is now becoming the Central China Base (CCB) of Kindly (KDL) Group for domestic and international markets of all KDL products lines. Kindly (KDL) Group, as a SSE listed company (stock code: 603987), is now one of the top medical consumables companies in China. KDL’s products cover the following range: medical puncture devices, medical high polymer devices, intervention devices, medical package, etc. We are now serving customers from over 50 countries and regions.Kindly(KDL) Group is proud of its heritage in medical devices and consumables industry achieved in the past 34 years, meanwhile continues to invest in new products and new production methods. In recent years, Kindly(KDL) Nanchang developed and introduced a new product line to consumer sector , which includes baby care, oral care , eye care and skin care. With the enhancing support of our state of art production and quality management system, we believe our customers will be having excellent experience in using our products.