Guangzhou Yucai Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Yucai Color Printing Co. Ltd. ,brIt was founded in 1987. Our company is located in Guangzhou City> Guangdong Province and enjoys convenient transportation. Our company has over 10000 square meters factory buildings. We are a modern printing enterprise integrating production, sale and RD. We have been chosen by the government as the designated drug packaging material and trademark printing producer. &br>brThe first-class equipment and management are the guarantee of high-quality products. Our company owns the most advanced Toshiba high-speed printing machines> and our independent driving design can save large amount of materials greatly shorten preparing time, and improve working efficiency. Besides we also own Japanese Buzouno extrusion lamination machines, high-speed dry lamination machines high-speed slice-machines, Japanese IWASEI bag-making machines TOTANI fully automatic zipper stand-up pouch making machines and high-speed quality-checking machines. ,br>brWe can manufacture various bags >side-sealed bags middle-sealed bags, pillow-type bags zipper bags, stand-up zipper bags spout bags and retort bags, and different structure films vacuum nylon films( high-transparent films high-isolating films, anti-static films twisted films, medicine packaging films high-temperature boiled films and various daily use chemical films,. brbrWith the competitive advantages of low cost material and production operations> we can offer you the lowest price for printed packaging material in China. Whether your order is small or large simple or complicated, we guarantee to satisfy you. br